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Expect the Wind to Change


When you prepare for the unknown, everything you encounter becomes easy to manage. RGH provides you with expert accounting services, acting as an extension of your business. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with you and your team, remaining approachable at all times as we guide you towards your goals, and beyond!


Services Offered



Tax services are critical for individuals and businesses alike. For individuals, they help determine the amount of taxes due and assist with filing returns to ensure compliance. Businesses can benefit from tax services by taking advantage of deductions, credits, and other opportunities that can reduce their overall tax burden. Our professional advice can provide guidance on when to make payments or which forms should be filed in order to avoid potential penalties or fines.


Our team is here to help you understand the rules and regulations around taxation as well as strategize ways to maximize savings while remaining compliant with local laws. RGH strives to become an invaluable resource that can lead to significant cost-savings for you in the long run.


Professional Financial Statement preparation can provide a variety of benefits for businesses. First, it can help to provide accurate and timely financial documents that investors and creditors use when making decisions regarding the company. Additionally, having experienced CPA’s working for you ensures that the statements are compliant with general accounting principles, eliminating potential violations and penalties.


Our team also has the expertise to interpret statements in order to assist your business with strategic planning and forecasting, enabling better decision-making that affects your organization's long-term success.


RGH business advisory services can be invaluable to your company. We provide your business with both expertise and an impartial perspective on the company and its operations that is not possible from within your organization. This outside perspective will save your businesses time and money as we can work with you to implement changes quickly and effectively. Additionally, having access to our team’s experience and knowledge allows your business to avoid potential mistakes and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Our goal is to help your businesses identify areas for improvement, develop strategies for success, and ensure profitability.


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Couldn’t find what you’re looking for or aren’t certain where to start? We’re happy to set up a call and discuss your needs, then guide you in the right direction.

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